Monday, November 20, 2006

Mission Unslimable

I can't sleep at the moment.

Reasons for this are many and varied, but they can all be neatly summarised by the sentence: too much going on in my head.

Work is a pig; we are furiously planning the next Foundation service (which we love doing, but do get a wee bit carried away in terms of time and energy involved); Mother-in-law is in hospital; it's Annie's birthday in 2 weeks; we're having some decorating / tidying jobs done on our house, getting ready to go on the market in the New Year; I'm involved in planning for the St Matts Carol Service, and Richard for Advent services; and Christmas approacheth rapidly. Meanwhile I'm trying to come off one of the immunosuppressant tablets for Lupus, so am likely to feel a bit achy and tired for the next few weeks. Bah.

At this time of year everything in the body clock screams, 'Hibernate!', yet somehow we all start pedalling faster. Barking. I feel a bit better since last night, when I sat down and made a Grand List of everything that needed doing, at least on the home front. I may not have actually done any of it, but there will be much rejoicing as things start getting ticked off. We Control Freaks know how to have a good time.

Anyway...I can't sleep. I spend a not inconsiderable time getting to sleep in the first place, then I typically wake up, WIDE awake, at around 5am. Sometimes I lie there, reminding myself to close my eyes occasionally. Sometimes I get up and do something useful. When I go downstairs at that hour there is ALWAYS at least one slug at the far end of our kitchen, often with a tell-tale slime trail across the cat food. The size of these slugs can be quite surprising, considering their method of infiltration...

(Cue 'Mission Impossible' theme music...)

Up the outside wall, squeeze through an air brick, across the dusty wasteland underneath a stair, squeeze through a tiny crack in the floorboards and...Voila!

Now I come to think of it, the one I flung back into the garden this morning had a look of Tom Cruise about him. Stocky. Petulant. Given to odd religious beliefs. Unnaturally striaght teeth.

I think I need more sleep.

Monday, November 06, 2006

A Very Expensive Photo

We've been back a week after our latest trip Oop North (Cumbria, Liverpool and friends in Flintshire) but things have been as hectic as ever chez Wheeler so this the first chance to blog. We stayed in Ambleside for our first trip to the Lakes, and very nice it was too, apart from the almost perpetual gloom (weather-wise, not mood-wise). After almost despairing of seeing any blue sky the sun briefly made an appearance over Windermere so Richard pulled into a little jetty so I could take some photos.

Unfortunately Richard failed to notice the extremely expensive-looking and low-to-the-ground Porsche that pulled up behind us, which he subsequently 'nudged' whilst reversing out, enough to make a minor alteration to the Porche's paintwork.

The Porsche owner was as relaxed about this as Porsche owners typically are. There will soon be an insurance claim that will necessitate paying £100 excess.

I took two photos. That's £50 per photo. They're not even my best photos. As luck would have it, it turns out that Cumbria is particularly photogenic in the gloom. Nevertheless, they are my most expensive photos ever, so that's what you're going to get.

Please enjoy it an appropriate amount.