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Multiplication: a parable for an era of plague

  Go forth and multiply, went the command: and we did, Spinning off into the unknown spaces, occupying and exploiting our allotted niche. We were not to know - so beautiful! So golden! -   that we would carry death with us. We were flung from one home to another Carrying our fragile children, clinging on And multiplying, multiplying, Dividing and conquering.   We made our home inhospitable Scattering the seeds of our own demise Each time we colonised somewhere new. It was too hot, too flimsy, Too prone to destruction at our hands. We multiplied and spread and subdued all we touched We forgot to take care Lest we destroy what nurtured us.   We are the pinnacle We are focused We are driven We see the opportunity and grab it We manipulate, we bend the other’s intentions to our own. We never meant to hurt you We never wanted to extinguish you We are the accidental plague Please forgive us; we don’t know what we do.

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