The Joy of Scabs

It's conference season in the wonderful world of dermatology nursing. The big conference is in Manchester this year, only I'm avoiding it this time. Reasons not to go:
1. I'd have to present, either as a poster or a 15-minute powerpoint job, which would mean I'd have to do an audit, research or some new initiative. Last time I did this (oral pres on iontophoresis audit, 2003) I nearly wet myself. TMI?
2. It's in Manchester.
3. Organising the family (meals, PE kits, homework, cat feeding etc) is too much like hard work.
4. The welcome drinks event is in fancy dress. Our gang (Bristol secondary and primary care specialist nurses) are dressing in pink with yellow curly wigs, as 'a pride of pustules'. They HAVE no pride...
5. Last time I went my younger daughter refused to speak to me on my return. And then sobbed uncontrollably. It was nice to be missed, though.
6. Did I mention, it's in Manchester?

Instead I have to present a case study on Friday at a 'Skin Club' Bristol is hosting for specialist derm nurses. Not that I'm obsessed, but I'm speaking about iontophoresis again. I seem to be one of the few nurses in the country genuinely interested in electrocuting people who sweat too much. I can't understand why.


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