Monday, December 19, 2011

Here it is...this year's Christmas Poem...

I wrote this for our candlelit carol service at St Matthew's last night. You need to imagine it read by 2 voices, one male and booming (Mr Wheelybin), and one female and a bit whispery (me, with the Cold From Hell). Also some rather lovely and evocative guitar and piano backing, which led seamlessly into the next carol - O Come O Come Emmanuel (I gave 2 musicians this version by Sufjan Stevens, and they played about with the concept - only without the words). I was aiming for 'solemn joy', the kind that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up...think we got there. I enjoyed it, anyway. Which, given the way I feel at the moment, is saying something.

Come, all ye faithful. Come and gaze
At mysteries beyond this age.
Come together, come alone
Come kneel before this meager throne.
Come, you Adams and you Eves
In unnumbered, countless throng
Follow the call that you’ve received:   
Come and join the heavenly song.

Come, you populace of dust                 
Come meet the promised God-with-us.
The One who painted starry skies
And now within a manger lies.
Come believers, come you doubters
Come with joy and penitance
Welcome Abraham’s sons and daughters
Come, join hands and start the dance.

The promise of forgotten days
The word the patriarchs obeyed
A vision of the stars and sand
A multitude, to fill the land;
Come now, you multitude, to hear
The angels sing of God made man:
The Word made flesh, the Prince of Peace
Now born a son of Abraham.

Come, come, you chosen sisters, brothers
Come, come, and dance with one another
Take delight in knowing he
Who takes delight in knowing thee.
Come bend the knee, and raise your sight
Towards the Lord of heaven and earth
Come welcome in his dawning light
Come sing for joy at heaven’s birth.

TAW December 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The God-particle

In the beginning the scientists searched, hovering and waiting over a sea of data.

Their concepts were as yet formless and void; and still
They hoped for Answers.

In the beginning, particles accelerated and crashed
purposefully, creating sparks of energy and possibility;
Radiating the notion that the elusive would be found.

And there was morning, and there was evening; a thousand times over
As the world waited for triumph or disaster
And the scientists spoke in a language all their own.

And the scientists called forth others
Media-savvy, able to explain and enthuse
Justifying the expense, the time, and the total lack of progress.
They waved their arms, and drew diagrams, saying:
‘Let there be a separation between the knowing and the unknowing,
between Them and Us. For we are the new astronauts
explorers of Time and Space, discovers of Matter
and Fact.’

In the beginning they groped in dark matter
For a fleeting glimpse of a legendary particle
That some had christened ‘God’.