The God-particle

In the beginning the scientists searched, hovering and waiting over a sea of data.

Their concepts were as yet formless and void; and still
They hoped for Answers.

In the beginning, particles accelerated and crashed
purposefully, creating sparks of energy and possibility;
Radiating the notion that the elusive would be found.

And there was morning, and there was evening; a thousand times over
As the world waited for triumph or disaster
And the scientists spoke in a language all their own.

And the scientists called forth others
Media-savvy, able to explain and enthuse
Justifying the expense, the time, and the total lack of progress.
They waved their arms, and drew diagrams, saying:
‘Let there be a separation between the knowing and the unknowing,
between Them and Us. For we are the new astronauts
explorers of Time and Space, discovers of Matter
and Fact.’

In the beginning they groped in dark matter
For a fleeting glimpse of a legendary particle
That some had christened ‘God’.


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