Not so sweet home

So we went to see the house on Saturday but it was no good. Actually, it was perfect upstairs, but a tad on the poky side downstairs with too many of the walls actually required to hold things up. Annie was very good about it, seeing as she had the carrot of a wonderful big bedroom dangled in front of her only to be cruelly snatched away. It reminded me of the photo I took of her gazing wistfully at this bit of art, above. Actually that's about the actual size of her current bedroom.

What we really want now is to swap the top of our house with the top of the one we saw on Saturday. When I was shopping for a wedding dress (i.e. when about to get married: this isn't some weird fetish story) me and me mum went to a local dressmaker who brought out album after album of designs, and kept repeating her catch phrase like a little mantra: "Of course, you can have the top of any of 'em with the bottom of another". I wonder if she does architecture, too?


Rick said…
We will ahve to start calling Annie - Alice :)

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