A Very Expensive Photo

We've been back a week after our latest trip Oop North (Cumbria, Liverpool and friends in Flintshire) but things have been as hectic as ever chez Wheeler so this the first chance to blog. We stayed in Ambleside for our first trip to the Lakes, and very nice it was too, apart from the almost perpetual gloom (weather-wise, not mood-wise). After almost despairing of seeing any blue sky the sun briefly made an appearance over Windermere so Richard pulled into a little jetty so I could take some photos.

Unfortunately Richard failed to notice the extremely expensive-looking and low-to-the-ground Porsche that pulled up behind us, which he subsequently 'nudged' whilst reversing out, enough to make a minor alteration to the Porche's paintwork.

The Porsche owner was as relaxed about this as Porsche owners typically are. There will soon be an insurance claim that will necessitate paying £100 excess.

I took two photos. That's £50 per photo. They're not even my best photos. As luck would have it, it turns out that Cumbria is particularly photogenic in the gloom. Nevertheless, they are my most expensive photos ever, so that's what you're going to get.

Please enjoy it an appropriate amount.


charity said…
Hey Cumbria rocks, err I'm a little biased as a Cumbrian.
jeznash said…
Its a nice photo...
Did you get one of the damage to the Porsche? I'd have liked to have seen that, too!
Tracey Wheeler said…
We would not have been able to photograph the damage to the Porsche without a close-up lens (or possibly X-ray vision). Have not yet received insurance claim. Perhaps even Porsche owners can relax and get a sense of perspective.
Tracey Wheeler said…
...I spoke too soon. Damage to Porsche in excess of £200.

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