January Blues

I got them Jan - ooo - air - eee Blooooz, mama...

What is it with this month? We go into Christmas all jolly jolly jolly, then a few grey days and soggy wrapping paper later and we're all down in the dumps. Admittedly the 'no nice food, lots of exercise and back to work with a vengeance' regime probably doesn't help. Normally I don't feel any seasonal depression setting in until February (a terrible 'non' month, ages since Christmas and still more ages to go until Spring) but this year it's hit me early. I blame the weather. Though it's even more depressing to think that I'm so fickle as to feel out of sorts just because of a bit of rain.

So what's going to cheer me up? Well, to help me shake things off, here's a few thoughts...
  • Tomorrow I'm going into work to move from a teeny tiny office for 4 people into a bigger storeroom. Still for 4 people, but I get my own desk, and any untidiness will therefore be of my own making.
  • We now have almost all the series (except the inferior 6th one) of The West Wing - best TV EVER - on DVD; and we've found a nerds west wing website that allows us to find out every tiny bit of info we ever wanted on every single episode, e.g. music used, cultural references etc. I know, sad, but...keeps us happy
  • The 'for sale' board goes up on our house on Monday. Actually I'm finding this really hard, but I'm trying to be excited about it. Work with me, people.
  • I only put 2 pounds on over Christmas. A couple more stressful weeks and it'll be off again.
  • However...we still have shedloads of chocolate left over. The good stuff, too. At our rate of rationing, should see us into, ooo, July?
  • The wind blew down a large and ugly shrub at the front of our house. It looks much better, now!
  • Our computer tried very hard to die and go to heaven over the Christmas hols, but - glory be! - it has been miraculously restored, thanks mainly to the ministrations of a very nice techie guy who worked all over New Year for a pittance. Hurrah!
  • Thanks to global warming it'll be Spring by February. And Christmas again in about 6 months time.


Anonymous said…
you have been busy...only 2 pounds! Well done. xxx

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