Especially for Steve...

So this is the equivalent of me popping out to the postbox calling 'back in a minute' over my shoulder and then not returning for several weeks.
No I didn't get lost, but I did have other things to do (in particular learning to be a nurse prescriber; with proper pharmacology exams and everything!) and then failed to get back into the habit of writing anything except essays.

So here I am - back in the blogosphere - and delighted that more than one person has requested my return, though Steve asked the most so he gets a name check.

Now, there must be something I can write about...


bigdaddystevieB said…
Oh blimey Mrs Wheeler!
You're back AND I get a mention!!
You just don't know what difference this will make to my life (I'm on my second glass of wine, by the way)!!
Go for it lady...

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