And the award goes to...

The 2010 Facebook Awards: winners as follows

Best named chickens: Bruce and Sarah Stanley, for 'Hen Solo and Princess Layer'
Birthday Cake of the Year - closely contested, but has to be Gwynneth Pugh-Jones, for 'Pirate Ship'
Most Mysterious Statuses - Sam Sayer (with special mention for equally mysterious profile shots)
For Battling through Weather at all Costs - Gayle Findlay, for multiple hazardous journeys
Rat Catcher of the Year - Cath Hubbuck
Most Entertainingly Harrassed Clergyperson - again, a closely contested award: Simon Cutmore was in third place, but too much beer / too pleasant travels to win; Charity Hamilton is the one to watch for next year; but the winner is Ellen Loudon, for the trials of the Morris Dancers
Best Righteous Ranting: Steve Broadway
Both Best Snowman and Cutest Child Photo go Sally Webb
Most Tortuous Joke (but it paid off, in spades): Tim Summers, for 'Infinite Monkeys requiring Pet Insurance'
Most Disturbing Photographs: Paul Roberts, for Jax's party
The Ooh Matron Award goes to Dom Hubbuck, for 'Rude Vegetable Arrangement'
Best Profile Shot: Sarah Stanley, for the best use of a leopardskin catsuit ever
and the Countdown Special Award goes to Gemma Laing, for daily posts on the number of days until her wedding and the number of pounds lost to fit into her dress.


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