One hand clapping, cooking, typing...

This won't be a long post, for reasons that will become clear.

Back in 2006, when I started this blog and was stumped for a name, I chose 'one-hand-clapping' partly because I had recently had 3 lots of surgery trying to make both hands fully functional. I had spent a chunk of that time suffering the pins and needles, aching and generally useless digits typical of severe carpal tunnel syndrome. Treatment was largely successful, although I still wear splints at night.

However, on Wednesday my left hand went almost totally numb (my little finger is spared). Fortunately I am right-handed. That night I suffered extreme pain for 6 hours, and in the morning the GP confirmed a trapped nerve, probably at the elbow, possibly at the neck, but unlikely at the wrist so unrelated to the carpal tunnel. I am now doing the 'wait and see' thing, with the promise of physiotherapy next week and the threat of surgery if things don't improve soon. At least the pain has abated.

In the meantime I am back to coping unidextrously with life. Clapping is the least of the problems, frankly. Typing feels weird - you try using just your little finger on one hand (I used to use voice recognition software, but ended up screaming at the computer when it got it wrong. Curiously the words I used then used to be transcribed perfectly.) Cooking is like dicing with death. Doing up a necklace, or a bra, becomes a matter of faith.

What's the sound of one hand clapping? It's the sound of me punching the wall in frustration, mate.


blue hands said…
Hope it sorts itself out without recourse to surgery. I'm familiar with the difficulty of doing things one-handed/armed having suffered with a frozen shoulder more than once - bra fastening, taking off T-shirts, putting on a coat, changing gear when driving; sends you nuts.
Lots of love xxxx
bigdaddystevieB said…
Sounds really horrible... and there's me moaning about how awkward life has become since attempting to slice off the top of my thumb with a bread knife!
I feel duly humbled.
Hope things improve soon.
big hugs x

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