Counting the days

I love new diaries and calendars, and can never persuade myself to use more up-to-date technology to organise my days. Having already taken possession of my lovely new 2012 diary, and entered all the dates and memos on little scraps of paper at the back of my old diary, I am now in the process of sorting out the family calendar. Usually I buy something with arty pictures / photos: since it is hung in a prominent place in our hallway that I see every time I walk downstairs, it becomes the artwork I notice the most. This year I thought I would buy one of those photo calendars and upload my own photographs: but which to choose?

I've already decided against pretty pictures, chocolate-box images of flowers and scenery: too bland. Pictures of my family will be given the thumbs down - there's always someone who will object, and to be fair, I would soon have something to say if I had to look into my own eyes every time I walked downstairs. Similarly friends - less likely to object, particularly if they never come round to see it, but still - bit of an imposition...

So all that's left is the oddities, not pretty, sometimes personal, often quirky. These are some of the photos currently on the shortlist. What do you think?

Oranges at Versailles


Best olive stall ever:
St Chinian, Languedoc

                                       Sundowner at Port Isaac

Conques, Auvergne

                                                     Pembrokeshire cottage

Ambling Band, Street Party, Bristol


Annie said…
Hi, loving the pictures they're fantastically quirky! And are bringing back lots of memories of fun times together, but i'm surprised you've restrained yourself from putting any America pictures in there seeing as our house is full of them! Please tell me when you've decided on which pics to put in the calender.
thanx so much, Annie (your daughter!)
bigdaddystevieB said…
What a lovely idea (and the pics are lovely too!)... if only I were as organised as you! x
Tracey Wheeler said…
Steve - you so should - then order multiple copies, and sell them at the next art trail, I'm first in the queue!

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