God is in the detail

God is in the detail:
The twist of a ribbon on gifts, large to smallest
The clove-studded orangey warmth of mulled wine
The baubles, and tinsel, the marzipan-and-icing
The moss, pine and ivy entwined at the threshold
The pigs wrapped in blankets and cranberry sauce
The lights behind windows, welcoming home.

God is in the detail:
Mince pie for Santa and carrot for Rudolph
The carols and jingles and sleighbells and church bells
The tea-towels and glitter of children’s nativities
The waxy-skinned fruit as the stocking’s last treasure
The cards signed in haste lest someone gets forgotten
The wine drunk at midnight, to welcome the Day.

God is in the detail:
The planetary alignment that signalled his coming
The girl that said yes, even though that cost dearly
The census that drove them from homeland to birthplace
The everyday farmhands, now startled from slumber
The gifts borne by kings, to foretell death and glory
The straw in the feeding trough, the rags torn to clothe him -
The light of creation, now welcomed to earth.

TAW December 2012


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