Palm Sunday

 This was written for our fortnightly 9am service yesterday. Sorry it's a bit late!

In the dewbright morning, we waited.
In the stillness of dawn, we paused
to catch our breath. The day began
in silence. Then came a rumbling,
A clattering, a movement
in the air; He was coming.

We stripped branches from the trees
Tore the clothes from our backs
Expressing both our penitance
And our praise. We inhaled the Spring air
Filling our lungs with its sweetness
Ready to shout; ready to sing.
The stones at our feet chittered, stirred
by the steps of so many.

And then he was amongst us; and we felt
the wonder, the wonder, the wonder. We cried out
‘Hosanna!’ and ‘Blessed!’ – our language inadequate
to welcome the Word made flesh. We sang
until our throats were raw – wanting more breath
to revel in He who breathed life into this poor dust.
We threw our coats before him, wanting somehow
To cocoon and swaddle him, embracing the man
Who came stripped of all dignity
Who journeyed inexorably towards his death.

And then He was gone; passed by
Whilst we stood there, waiting.
This moment had been but a pause before a storm
A moment of mayhem, that was somehow
a moment of calm. We had wanted a little longer
Time to come to terms; time to understand.
Time to align our desires and passions
With His. We are still waiting

TAW Easter 2013

Comments said…
Wonderful - great for reflection this week. Thanks for sharing your talents Tracey. Sally x

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