Fast God

This was written in response to a comment from a friend of mine, about how previous cultures have changed so slowly that they respond well to the concept of a God who is unchanging throughout the ages; but that our culture is so fast-moving, we almost need a fast God to relate to.

I need a fast God.
A new, shiny, press-the-red-button-now, God.
Not for me the Rock of Ages
I want an Alpha that reaches Omega in 0 - 60 seconds.
I don't need Eternal or Unchanging
I need automatic updatees
regular texts to my mobile.
I don't want a narrow path; I want a broadband
God, interactive and digital.
I need perfect reception at all times and in all places
and the option to select the shuffle mode
whenever I'm uncertain about what it is I really want.
A fast God won't keep me waiting
The dark night of the soul is but a flutter of the eyelids.
Fast God promises same day delivery within a two-hour window.
Fast God understands
He knows about deadlines and commitments
Fast God sets the pace
target-setting and goal -orientated.
Fast God is a front-runner
an early adopter
a flexible friend.
Fast God is my God
He deals in seconds, not millenia.
Kapow! Kapow! What's next?...
Blink and you'll miss Fast God
He's already over the hills and far away
Look carefully, and you'll see his comet trail
moving beyond the speed of light.


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