Little Town

Little? Yes.. too small tonight
Walls and doorways straining to hold the dross and dregs
of a thousand homecomings.
But still, no; the chattering of families and friends
the deals made and the promises forgotten
fill the night air. No dreamless sleep tonight, then
but a night for tossing and turning
exhaustion overridden by the concerns of body and mind.

And in the midst of it all, did anyone notice
the quiet arrival
slipping unannounced into obscurity
as the stars and the angels strained to scream out his name?
Did they see the realisation of all that had been hoped for, longed for
during the dark and lonely years?
Did you recognise the moment, the shining second,
when all creation turned towards your shambling streets
and found itself focussed on a crumpled bawling face?

And as that gaze prolonged
did hearts find their fears were met
as well as their hopes?
Was there a collective intake of breath, a moment
When the future seemed to hang in the air,
as terrifying as it was wondrous?

Have you, like me, ever sung a carol for the umpteen millionth time and suddenly been struck how odd a line is - a line that you've been singing happily since childhood? That happened to me today, with the line 'the hopes and fears of all the years are met in thee tonight'. The hopes, yes; but the fears? Perhaps the writer just tought it sounded good, but I thought it was a bit interesting. Anyway...

...Happy Christmas, all.


Anonymous said…
hope you had a great party...Happy New Year to you and yours (we stil have a small glove in our house). Love Ellen xxxx

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