Balancing Act

Annie and I were overtaken by a unicyclist on the way to school this morning. Since moving house I have missed walking through the park every day, as I always enjoyed seeing the early morning exhibitionists that make use of this particular park: the ribbon-waver, the tai-chiers, the pigeon-whisperer, and the man who runs in slow motion with his knees up to his chin (a particular favourite). And especially the unicyclist. But I had always assumed he unicycled purely for pleasure. Now it looks like he uses one wheel as his main mode of transport because today he was cycling along the road clearly dressed in work clothes plus a fluorescent vest, rucksack on back, going somewhere necessary. There was something odd about the sight - surely 'necessary' and 'unicycle' don't go together? And why why WHY would anyone opt to use a unicycle as transport? The increased effort in balance and pedal power would surely put most people off. Though I bet he doesn't get his bike nicked so much.


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