I've never seen Star Wars

...yes, obviously I've seen Star Wars; I refer you to my previous post. This relates to the radio 4 programme of the same name that has Marcus Brigstocke interviewing someone reasonably famous whilst encouraging them to try cultural experiences that they had missed out on, up until that point. This week it was the turn of Jenny Eclair, who is quite a favourite of mine as long as she isn't doing her stand-up act. Poor, poor Jenny Eclair. Other people have eaten innocuous salads, or played video games, or gone to see Hamlet. Jenny got the following 'must-do' experiences:

1. Reading a self-help book
2. Eating jellied eels
3. Watching Apocalypse Now
4. Listening to experimental jazz
5. Having a bikini wax

It says much about Jenny that, despite it going against all her feminist principles and hurting like stink, the bikini wax seemed to be the favourite activity out of that depressing list.

Still, there's a few more ideas of what to do on a wet (as it inevitably will be) Bank Holiday Monday.


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