Easy like Sunday Morning

I'm involved with planning the all-age worship at St Matts & Nats. During the summer school holidays we do a series in morning services, some of which are all-age events and some offer a choice of listening to a sermon or attending a workshop - this offers an activity based on the theme for anyone who would prefer a bit of cutting and sticking (or whatever) to normal church fodder. Come worship at the church of Saint (Blue) Peter, if you will. Yesterday kicked off the series on our mission links. Apart from the planning, I did the intercessions, and dragged my eldest daughter in for reading them. Unfortunately she is nasally challenged, thanks to the continuing high pollen count; so all her worbs cabe out a bit wrog. Also unfortunately (and no doubt due to the heat, along with the sleep deprivation we're all struggling with) the service leader got a bit muddled, and I had to invent a second part to the prayers on the spot. I usually love being creative under pressure, but was further hampered by the absence of a pen, and the presence of a daughter who hadn't got a clue what was going on. All good fun...is it just me, or does anyone else feel that the concept of a 'day of rest' is slipping away from them?

Relaxation was further hampered by the return of my dear husband, back from a folk festival and throwing up. Marvellous. Both girls had arranged seperate trips with friends to seperate cinemas, the youngest to see a 12A movie at an 8-year-old's BD party (Pirates of the Carribbean: so that's them sorted for nightmares for the week. Bill Nighy as a squid is enough to terrify anyone) and the eldest to see a PG (Stormbreaker, this time with Bill Nighy as Norman Tebbit, from what I could tell. Enough to give me nightmares). Eventually got back from all the ferrying around to find husband less green but more grey. Which went with the bathroom tiles better.

Roll on the holidays. Unfortunately we're not going to Kefalonia (Myrtos Bay, above), we went there in June; we're off for a cheapskate camp Up North instead. Still, chance to get out of the city heat is always good.


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