The following thoughts are based on the traditional idea of following the stations of the cross, and are in some part inspired by the images that accompany them. These are the stations from Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, sculpted by Sean Rice. There are 14 such sculptures, and greater minds than mine have already written meditations based upon them. I have chosen 8 that particularly spoke to me; I hope they help you too, in this season of Lent. I will post them all over the next couple of weeks.
Matthew 27: 15 - 26
I wash my hands of you, Man God.
You stand there, unmoved by my vascillations.
Refusing to cooperate with my well-drawn plans
Denying me the answers to my well-chosen questions.
Failing to show me a way out
that would put an end to this state of doubt and indecision.
You speak of truth: what is truth?
How can I find it, when you will not speak?
You leave me no option but to deny you, to turn away,
to leave you to your fate.
How can I be culpable?
I who recognised your goodness, your innocence
I who tried to protect you.
Your eyes speak of suffering; your body seems to tense
Anticipating the pain and the indignity to come.
Yet you are silent, still;
like the ocean as it draws back
Anticipating the turning of the tide.
I wash my hands of you, Man God:
If you will not speak, then
I will no longer speak for you.


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