Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Every time I think life in the Wheelybin is hectic enough, someone cranks up the gear and we end up running even faster just to stand still.

Last week saw the performances of the play Jordan has been rehearsing since Christmas, 'Alice and the Jabberwock'. The director had very sensibly cast 2 Alices, one for part one (in Wonderland) and one for part two (the Looking Glass). Jordan was Alice two, so had to deal with Jam Tomorrow, 6 Impossible Things, and a Vorpal Sword (what is a vorpal sword, anyway?). She also had 2 solos to sing. Not bad for a kid who was, until recently, terrified to stand in front of an audience, and wouldn't open her mouth to sing.

Last week also saw Bristol Dermatology Centre hosting the South West & Wales conference. It was the first time we had laid on a concurrent conference for specialist nurses, and was an organisational nightmare. As well as that pressure, I was one of the main speakers for the nurses bit (shoehorning 6 hours of material into half an hour? Hmmm... talking of impossible things...). The conference finished with a meal at 6:30pm, I arranged with a very helpful taxi driver to get me across town to the school for the second half of 'Alice' so I turned up there a bit tired & emotional.

We have also recently started a new venture at church. Every third Sunday we are helping to run a 'Cafe Church' instead of the normal evening service (7pm St Matts Kingdown, if you're interested). Its a great opportunity to get to know people, discuss issues of interest, be a bit creative, listen to cool music (but no singing!), participate in some contemplative worship, be fairly silly, and eat lots of cake. Pretty much my favourite things to do. The last one was on healing, and we had a competition to see which table had been the 'most healed' (judged on the collective length of scars). Next week it's the turn of 'Temptation'. Perhaps we'll make the cakes, but refuse to let anyone eat them.

Other pressures at the moment? Well, I am still continuing on my quest to redicover my waistline, visiting the gym 3 times a week... we've sold our house, have had an offer accepted but are waiting on the vendors finding somewhere to go... Richard's mum is in hospital in London, finally getting the specialist treatment she needs... I've got to prepare a presentation for the bigwig managers in the primary care trusts for Friday, justifying the money they spend on dermatology nursing (this time fitting 1 hour's info into 5 minutes. Ho hum...)... and I think I may have just agreed to take on something extra at church. Because life really wasn't impossible enough.


Rick said…
Jordan was great. I am trying to figure out a way of getting the Donovan version of the Alice songs onto CD for her.
John H said…
A vorpal sword is a sword that goes "snicker-snack". Useful for slaying Jabberwocks, allegedly.

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