Stripping bare

John 19:23 : ...they took his clothes and divided them...
Philippians 2:5-8 : ...he emptied himself...
To Strip: To take or pull clothing off. To denude, lay bare, to empty completely.
To deprive, despoil, divest, dismantle.
To loot, pillage, plunder, rob, ransack.
They have stripped you bare, Lord.
They have robbed you of your covering, even the mocking robe. You stand
quietly, dignified even, despite the little dignity afforded you.
They have taken away everything they can - your respectability,
your status, your security. Perhaps they were never there to take.
you emptied yourself, long before these representatives of humanity
laid their hands upon you. An offering, not a ransacking. Your choice,
Not ours.


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