A first time

Following on from my previous post, I'd like to share a more recent example of a 'first time' for me: the'wow' factor of seeing the art produced by a friend of mine, Helen Burgess who produces the most stunning wirework sculptures and drawings. It was a delight to see that some examples of her work are currently on display at the Bannatyne gym I drag myself along to on a regular basis, making those visits much more pleasurable (though it feels wrong to be sweating in the general vicinity of such loveliness). Do follow the link, and enjoy.


Rick said…
We saw these sculptures (or ones very similar) at the affordable arts show last month. I agree, they are lovely and we considered buying one but didn't have the space (or possibly the money - affordable is relative)
Tracey Wheeler said…
We're trying to afford a drawing at the moment, we always said we'd get a 'Burgess' when we moved house and could find a new bit of wall space to do it justice. Likewise, we'd love a sculpture - but I fear we'd have to find a whole room to do that justice, because you really need to be able to walk all round them to fully appreciate them. Just wouldn't be right stuck on a bookshelf!

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