No fleas on us!

I must be feeling better, because when I discovered a flea lurking under one of the cat's favourite chair today I went into de-flea overdrive. I reckon if I'd found it when I felt so ill earlier in the week, I'd have lain still and let it bite me. Still, it's been hard work - dusting, washing floors, vacuuming and washing chair covers etc etc. Then spraying insecticide throughout the house. Just what a woman recovering from an asthma flare-up needs!
The irony is, I was only doing a very light task suitable to a recovering woman still in a slightly delicate state. I decided to sort through our games & video cupboard, chucking out the things the girls have grown out of (early learning centre games; duplo; wind in the willows tapes) and the things I've grown of (cranium; geri does yoga). But in order to sit in front of the cupboard, I had to move a chair, and that's when...
At least it wasn't as bad as the last time I found a flea. That was on my head. Immediately after I'd had my hair cut. Oh, the mortification!
And the nice thing is, our house is now very, very clean. If a bit smelly, thanks to the chemical spray.


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