Here it is...the spiritual bit...

God came down
Brushing the savannah with His Midas touch
Infusing the ocean with His complexity
Whispering His way into the sub-atomic spaces.

The universe sang with His joy
Each cell and quasar vibrating at His ecstatic frequency.

Still, not enough, said God; they do not see
Me, neither do they hear my voice.

So God came down
Breathing comfort and promise into the fallen and the distressed
Choosing those without a voice to speak His words
Naming those without respect to be His face.

The earth rumbled with the sound of their voices
Their stories spoke the longings of countless hearts.

Still, not enough, said God; they do not hear
Me, neither do they know my heart.

And God came down
Into the darkness and silence of a watery womb
Into the monotony of dusty roads and endless questions
Into the agony of death and the pain of rejection.

Hard hearts were melted by a single touch, lives changed
At the moment they knew themselves known.

Now they saw
Now they heard
Now they knew His heart

And God said, it is finished.
TAW Christmas 2007
Happy Christmas, all.


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