Tinsel Overdrive

I have gone into pre-Christmas frantic mode. Today is the first day of the best of two weeks off. well, I say 'off', but what with family and church wardening duties I think I get about half an hour to myself!

Anyway, around this time of year I start setting myself ridiculous tasks, often unnecessary tinsel froth or totally unconnected to Christmas yet somehow taking on the 25th December deadline. By Christmas Day all shall be cleaned, including those items that never normally get done (the silver, the tops of picture rails, that kind of thing); all shall be tidy (pretty much an impossible task once the kids have broken up from school - and Richard, for that matter); all jobs shall be finished (e.g. the painting of walls, the sanding of furniture, the outstanding projects from work...none of these are remotely related to Christmas, but have somehow adopted the deadline artificially).

So it was that I found myself in Tesco's well before 9am this morning, and have continued at pretty much top speed until now. Just a shedload of cooking to do now. If I get through that I might hang some baubles up in the dining room, for good measure.

Now, where did I put that sandpaper...?


Ellen Loudon said…
I know what you mean. I am laid up with a cold but the list is far too long! Hope to catch you over the hols. xxx

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